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Make only 2 versions - one free and one at 50$ with all the power. No need to make and 'half full' version, it is only more work to make !!!

Why 2 paying versions ? You have to chose the functions to remove from the "pro" version (that is a good program, but nothing "pro"). Home version users have the feeling they do not have the "real thing". And if you buy a SLR no luck, the editor can do but wont without more money.. So make only one paying version, even if it is more expensive than home, and all will be more clear and easy (sorry for my english)

Grisemine , 07.02.2012, 08:12
Idea status: under consideration


Whiterabbit-uk, 07.02.2012, 09:42
I've been using the home version for years now, (well, since version 9 when it was given away here on the giveaway site back in 2007) and am really happy with it. I have an older copy of Photoshop (CS1/Photoshop 8) but much prefer to use the home edition of Zoner, because it's not too basic, but has enough features to make it a viable alternative to the pro version. Most of the features included in the Pro edition I don't need.

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